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In case you didn't know, I'M PREGNANT! I'm resurrecting this dear old blog of mine to post a little update on how pregnancy has been up until now. It's mainly for me to look back on, but I've also been asked a few questions that I thought I'd open up about here...

How many weeks are you?
25 weeks!

Was this baby planned?
Sure was! We had actually been trying to get pregnant for quite some time. We started loosely trying back when we lived in Santa Barbara. I had irregular periods so tracking everything was pretty frustrating. I used an app called Flo to track my periods and ovulation, but finally decided to purchase ovulation strips off Amazon to know for sure when it was go time. With each month that passed, I never once got a positive ovulation result, which worried me that something was wrong. I finally made an appointment to see a specialist, but they were booked out about 4 months in advance. The month of my appointment, I never got my period. I took 3 pregnancy tests, all of which said I wasn't pregnant. I just assumed my period was super late and didn't think about it too much. (I was literally a nut case and super bloated. I picked INSANE fights with my husband that we laugh so hard about now. Little did we know, I was pregnant at the time.) Finally a week or two later, I was super duper late at this point and decided to just take another pregnancy test for funsies. My husband just happened to be working from home that morning before a lunch appointment and was about 5 feet away from me when I looked down and saw the positive pregnancy result. It was so surreal. We were both in shock. I took probably 3 more tests within a few hours of the first one and they all showed up as positive. It was so fun to be able to bask in the crazy wave of emotions of finding out right at the same time. I am truly blessed beyond measure to have such an amazing husband who has literally done everything for me during this pregnancy and helped me along every step of the way.

I also want to take a moment to acknowledge that while my journey toward getting pregnant was frustrating, it was nothing compared to the heart wrenching years of pain that others experience. I empathize so much with these angel women out there. Those of you who have been struggling, praying, hoping, doing all that they can to bring a baby cherub into this world. Those of you who have triumphed and then lost. I truly wish it upon no one and hope that we can rally around those who need to be lifted.

Boy or girl?
We've known since around 16 weeks, but have been keeping it private for now. I've just been wanting to bask in this special time and not make everything so public just yet... but I'll be sharing so soon! 

Morning sickness?
Nope! I actually have been really lucky to have a pretty easy pregnancy so far. I never got sick, but had extreme exhaustion (asleep by like 9:30 p.m. every night of the first trimester!) and now have some bad hormonal acne around my mouth, on my chest, and back. You win some, you lose some.

My appetite was insatiable the first trimester. I had to eat every 2-3 hours or else everyone around me would suffer my wrath haha. The worst part was I constantly wanted bread or fruit. I didn't eat the most balanced diet... and vegetables could not have tasted worse. Thankfully those days are behind me and my appetite has normalized, but I feel like I put on a lot of weight during that first trimester because of my poor eating choices.

Things you miss the most?
Crop tops, jeans, sushi, soft cheeses, pre-workout, not grunting when I stand up or get out of bed (lol), my jawline, and having a waist. :)

Hardest part of pregnancy?
Dressing myself haha. The struggle is so real! And also the rapid changes with my body. I wrote more in depth about my feelings on this in this post and it's 1000% still the hardest part for me. Thankfully, I have a support system that helps me when I have irrational/unkind thoughts toward my body. I know I'm doing something so much bigger than myself.

Best part of pregnancy?
The knowledge that life is about to begin, not only for our baby, but for Jake and I too.

Photos by my dear friend, Roxana B Photography.

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