Friday, November 10, 2017


Hello beautiful people! I know, I know. You're probably thinking you don't want to do any shopping until Black Friday, and I've been feeling the same way! But, I randomly started perusing the Nordstrom fall sale yesterday and realized there are some absolute gems happening in there. I was like wait, wait, wait. How do they have so much amazingness on sale? I was shocked. Wide-eyed. In a good way.

Shopping online sales can be pretty overwhelming so I've put together 18 items that are actually worth noticing. I own this top and it's seriously so flattering and makes any outfit pop. You can un-ruche it if you want it a tad longer in the front!

Warning: I picked out a bunch of pants because they have so many good ones on sale! How you likey. xoxo

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


tee || skirt || cardigan || c/o bag || sunglasses || shoes


How weird is it that I haven't dressed up for the past three years on Halloween? I love to decorate my house for fall and do all the fall things, but when it comes to Halloween, I don't do much for it! Maybe once I have kids, that'll change. I've been seeing a ton of pics online of my friends who dress their kids up in the most decked out costumes and I'm just like how?! They're always the absolute cutest things but I just don't think I have it in me! I'm probably going to be that mom driving their kid to Party City on October 30th to pick one of the two sad costume choices left. Andddd I'm also probably going to be that parent everyone rolls their eyes at for handing out oranges with Jack-o-lantern faces on them. 

I'm sorry but enjoy this adorable + healthy option. Your teeth will thank me later.

Are you way into Halloween or are you more of a fall gal like me? Here's a little outfit inspo for that brisk fall day. This cardigan is truly the most amazing thing I've gotten in a long time. It's basically a chic blanket with the most amazing balloon sleeves. My love for it knows no bounds. If you're thinking of ordering it, make sure to size down because it's definitely oversized (in all the good ways). I paired it with this cool 'j'adore' tee and suede skirt to pump up the fall vibes. Hope you like it!

P.S. I know alllll you little gremlins are going to be posting your Halloween costumes/pumpkin carving pics today! I thought I'd help my fellow friends out and share a list of my top five Halloween puns to use for your captions... because I'm the cheesiest and live for a good pun.

-Witch better have my candy.
-Creep it real.
-Trick or treat yourself.
-Basic witches 4 ever

Maybe I'll throw together a last minute costume just so I can post a pic and use one of these as my caption. ;)