Thursday, April 16, 2015


 top: Free People || necklace: Dogeared, c/o Ruby Pier || pants: Vince (similar here) || shoes: ZARA (love this summery version here) || clutch: ASOS 

Can I just say how weird it is to not work in an office for eight hours every day? After years of working full-time, I am now lucky enough to work remotely. And although I'm a major home-body and could literally stay in bed all day (I always try to persuade my husband to do this every Saturday but always fail miserably), I have been going a little stir crazy! Let's just say that my pup has been spoiled silly with tons of walks. :)

All this freed up time has me thinking a lot about my future and the little family I'll have one day. I can't wait to play all day long with my wee ones and have instant bffs. Confession: I google quarter asian babies. Like all the time. And when I come across a cute Asian child on Pinterest, you bet your bottom that I pin that little cutie in two seconds flat.

But sometimes, I get wrapped up in utterly ridiculous thoughts about things that don't and won't resonate with me in five years, or even five hours. Thank goodness for smart people like my husband who can bring me back to reality and laugh at my nonsensical worries. When I step back and reflect on my day-to-day trials, they seem so trite in comparison to the big picture. I feel so blessed to have what I have and am <almost> ready for the next step. Holy moly, did I just say that? 

I hope we can all look back and be proud that we focused on the important things in life and didn't spend our lives worrying about the little things.

Oh and p.s. THIS Free People tee is genius. I need it in every color.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


pink cherry blossoms in the spring
pink cherry blossoms in the spring
pink cherry blossoms in the spring
pink cherry blossoms in the spring
pink cherry blossoms in the spring

top: Called to Surf (similar here and here) || liquid leggings: Topshop || shoes: c/o Desert Rose Apparel (similar here)

Everyone seems to be posting pictures of the freaking cute/pretty blossom trees all over the place. So here's a basic-girl post of those pretty blooms. ;)

I am back on my braid kick and this is one of my current fav styles. It takes about two minutes to do and the easy little trick of mine makes this braid so much more eye-catching. Can't wait to share more with you!

P.S. This blogger has reached a new level of lazy since I'm not wearing any makeup in these pics. I just needed to give my skin a break! #sorrynotsorry

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


sweater: H&M (similar here) || pants: H&M (love these) || shoes: ASOS (similar here)

I know you're probably thinking, "Arizona is hotter than hell right now. WHY is she wearing this outfit?" 

Ya caught me. This is from my time in Utah and I just never got around to posting it. But I seriously lived in these pants because they're so dang comfy, not to mention, way flattering. They hug in at the but and ankle (cute) while still being lose enough so you can hit the buffets without worrying about getting asked if you're pregnant after. 

On another note, I am looking for a photographer for my blog. If you know of any photographers in the Phoenix area with cool style, please email me their info. Thank/love you/mean it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Hat: Urban Outfitters (similar here and LOVE here) || Jumpsuit: Clad & Cloth || Top: Soel Boutique (similar here, here, here) || Shoes: Forever 21

Well, we have officially moved to Arizona, and I think we're going to love it! (Knock on wood.) Thank you to everyone who helped us along this journey. We couldn't have done it without your helpful hands, words of encouragement, and hugs. This new chapter of our lives is so scary exciting I could scream and cry at the same time. (Bipolar maybe?) If you live in Arizona, make sure you let me know so we can be bffs.

Anyway, the top I'm wearing is probably in my top 10 right now. I honestly wear it until it smells (jk...?) and its one of those tops that looks good on everyone. Sadly, I couldn't find it online anywhere but I'm loving flowy, peasant tops for warm weather attire! 

You can see this outfit and an insider's scoop into my life as a professional creative on the fabulous Lauren Kelp's site. I was so flattered when Lauren asked me to be a part of her super awesome series known as the Well Dressed Creative alongside so many other talented ladies. It was so interesting reading everyone's interviews because I love learning how to grow and improve from business savvy people. See my interview here! xx

Monday, March 30, 2015


 hat: Urban Outfitters (similar here and here) || top: c/o Tai Pan Trading (similar here) || pants: c/o Tai Pan Trading (similar here) || shoes: Forever 21 (LOVE these)

Hey guys! Here is the last post from our spring look book! These are fun, breezy outfits that I envision wearing to the farmer's market (my favorite!). I hear Arizona has some cool farmer's markets and I can't wait to check them out. 

Um, can we talk about how we're moving in less than ONE week? I'm officially starting to stress out a little. Maybe the packing fairies can just take a little trip to mi casa and take care of everything for us. Please and thank you. Moving is such a pain in the butt, and if anyone tells you otherwise, I will throw all my moving boxes at his or her face. I will say that I'm excited to work on my tan, or the lack there of when we move. The thing is, I find sun-bathing to be extremely boring and can never lay out there for very long. Plus, I start freaking out about skin cancer and end up going back inside. #VampireSkin4Life

Have a happy Monday! xx

Friday, March 27, 2015


Hi friends! Today I am so excited to share this awesome giveaway with you! My dear friend, Kristin from Wild One Forever, is turning 29 and we want to celebrate with you! There's not just one prize up for grabs today, but EIGHT amazing prizes (or shall I say birthday gifts) from us to you!

There will be 8 different winners, one for each gift. The giveaway will run from March 27th until midnight on April 3rd. We will announce the winners the following Monday. You must be a U.S. resident to win. Just complete the easy steps in the Rafflecopter below and remember, the more steps you complete, the more opportunities you have to win!

Now for a list of the prizes!

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