Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Can you believe we have about TWO weeks until Christmas?!

I was on such a Christmas high at the beginning of the month and planned out endless holiday activities. Sadly, they got cut short with the fires going on because the air quality is just relentless still so we can't really spend that much time outside.

But I'm trying to get back into the spirit of things and since I didn't post a gift guide last week as promised, I'll be posting two of them this week! This next guide is for the beauty obsessed gals out there. All 10 of these products are on my list of favorites or wants. Simply click anywhere on each product's section and you'll be taken directly to the product's page to shop. If you've tried any of these and love them, let me know!

Also, keep in mind that you can purchase the majority of these items online and pick them up in stores to save on shipping time so you can get all your presents wrapped and ready to go! Yay!

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Hey guys! It's been a crazy week with fires riddling through Southern California. All the disasters in the world are really taking a toll on me and it doesn't feel quite right sharing a superficial outfit post but here I am. I took these photos last week here in Santa Barbara... the calm before the storm (fire storm that is). 

Monday night, our power went out and we soon discovered that fires had erupted in Ventura that were spreading extremely quickly. Tuesday, I travelled down to LA for an event and it looked like the apocalypse. A thick layer of smoke laid over the air. The drive back to Santa Barbara from LA that night was what really opened my eyes to the severity of the fires. I was on the 101 about 20 minutes from our home when I saw flames in the distance. My heart jumped as I drove closer and closer. I realized they were right alongside the freeway, literally touching the edge of the road I was on. I couldn't believe my eyes and wondered how the freeway was still open. The road bends a lot in that area so I couldn't see what was up ahead until I got closer and kept freaking out that I'd hit a wall of fire on the freeway or something. It was nuts. 

Some of my best friends and I do an annual holiday gift exchange and months ago we booked an AirBNB in Ojai for this coming weekend. Due to the unfortunate events happening in the area, we won't be able to go there anymore for obvious reasons. It's truly mind-boggling to think about all the natural and un-natural tragedies that have happened in 2017. I have a hard time thinking about it for too long because I'm one of those people who feels so extremely for everyone and everything, even strangers. 

This morning, the air feels heavier and there's an eeriness to this beautiful city that I've come to love so much. Ashes have been raining down on us and nothing feels right. I feel like a lot of people are far removed from the situation so it's easy to not feel an urgency to help, or truly grasp what is happening in our world. Not far away from me, so many people are losing their homes, their pets, all their belongings. So please, do what you can.

If you pray, pray.

If you give, give.
Here are ways to help. xoxo

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