Monday, March 11, 2013

Vintage Whites Market

I know you guys have always wanted a post with about 20 photos included so wish granted.

Jake and I went to the Vintage Whites Market over the weekend and it was nothing short of an eyegasm. Everything was so beautiful/inspiring.

Take a little peekaboo below!
The entry way
Fabric strips make for the cutest garlands
Fancy things
A cat hanger?? WHY DON'T I OWN YOU.
"smile, it's kinda a lovely day"
Racks on racks of pretty threads.
Some photobooth fun!
Of course I had to snap some pics of the cutest teepees known to man.
Hanging lights are my weakness.
So are pretty glass bottles.
We were trying to figure out why the guy on the right is using a little child as a foot stool. Poor thing. :(
Animal heads!!!!
Posing with a head.
Stunning work by Tinge Floral.
DYINGGGGGG. Tinge Floral created this backdrop for the Ruche booth. dyingdyingdying.
With my love. :)

Happy Monday bloggie friends!


  1. I love this, I wish I had gone! That florist is obviously amazing.

  2. Love these pictures!

    xx MJ

  3. Love this!! Where was it? And do they hold it every year?

  4. Eyegasm. Hahaha. I LOVE IT. Also, where was this? I think every single picture you posted definitely did strike my fancy. Pretty pictures BTW


  5. I love it!!! I was so sad I couldn't make it, but my day booked up so fast! When can I come up and visit you??!

  6. wow....I would have died to go there!! looks amazing :)

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