Thursday, June 8, 2017


It feels like a century since I last wore a dress. I don't know why but I'm been majorly slacking in the fancier clothes department, so when I found this floral beauty at such an affordable price I had to snag it. Sometimes I'm like ehhhhh about floral maxi dresses, especially if the print looks cheap. But this dress looks way more expensive than it is and the print is even more gorgeous in real life. I dig.

Also, I have been the world's worst blogger for a while now. I used to post almost daily so I need to find my way back to that. Sometimes (more like a lot of the time) I go through these creative ruts where I feel so uninspired by everything. And then I'll get rushes of creativity out of nowhere that reinvigorate me. I guess I'm creatively bi-polar? Not sure. ;) But I've decided to work through my ruts and not take long breaks like I have been. If there's anything in particular you want to see from me, feel free to let me know! xoxo

 dress || earrings || hat || shoes


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