Monday, October 26, 2015


Hey guys! This is a post I've been meaning to share for a long time. I get countless questions and requests for how I do my everyday makeup and it's finally time to let the cat out of the bag! I love the "less is more" approach when it comes to everyday makeup. (Honestly, I only do my makeup on average three times a week.) So while there are quite a few products that I use, the finished look is very dewey and natural looking.

*Disclaimer: I am, by no means, a makeup expert but just want to share my tips and tricks for how to achieve my no-makeup makeup look!

1. ESTÉE LAUDER PERFECTLY CLEAN TONER: The key to the smoothest makeup possible is to prep the skin prior to putting on your foundation. After I wash my face, I pat my face and neck with this toner. It has helped so much with redness in my skin. It's ah-mazing.

2. ESTÉE LAUDER RESILIENCE CREME: After waiting a few minutes for the toner to dry, I use this creme to moisturize and tighten my skin. I then put on a layer of sunscreen and wait 5-10 minutes before the next step. This waiting period is essential so all the skincare products can soak in and dry completely so your makeup doesn't slide right off.

3. ESTÉE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR LIGHT (INTENSITY 2.0): Using about a dime size amount of this, on my beauty blender, I massage the product into my skin until I have coverage to my liking. This product is amazing, but if you want a more full-coverage look, I recommend using the regular ESTÉE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR. For a more everyday look, I love the Double Wear Light because it still feels very light on my skin and doesn't hide my freckles.

4. BEAUTY BLENDER: This is the amazing little sponge I use to put on my foundation for a flawless look. I don't wet it like the instructions say to do. I did that for a while and found myself using up so much product each time because the wetness diluted my product down. Maybe I was doing it wrong, but I like using it way better dry.

5. ELF CONCEALER (IVORY): I like this concealer because the stick format makes it really easy for quick highlighting, blends really well, and is SUPER cheap. I put some directly under each other of eyebrows, on the bridge of my nose, and a little under my eyes.

6. ESTÉE LAUDER PERFECTING LOOSE POWDER (YKFM01- LIGHT): I seal and blend in everything with this powder. (Apparently I'm an Estée Lauder snob. Sorry guys.)

7. theBALM MANIZER SISTERS PALETTE: The key to a no-makeup look is to forgo the contouring and focus on highlighting. I use two out of the three shades from this palette for this particular look. I use Cindy-Lou for my blush. It is honestly THEE prettiest peachy-pink shade with the perfect amount of shimmer to it. Then I use Mary-Lou to highlight my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, under my brows, and a teeny-tiny bit on my forehead. It gives the most lovely glow to my skin for that dewey look we all love.

8. ANASTASIA BEAUTY EXPRESS (BRUNETTE): I use this to fill in my brows. I like how it isn't as pigmented as the Anastasia gel, but still enough to create a bold brow while still looking natural.

9. ANASTASIA BROW WIZ (BRUNETTE): I use this to draw in little hairs where my brows are sparse and then blend everything in with the brush on the other size of the brow wiz. I set my brows using the gel from the Anastasia Beauty Express from the previous step.

10. NAKED BASICS EYESHADOW PALETTE: This palette is my absolute favorite for natural/everyday looks. (Also great for a smokey eye.) I put a base coat of Foxy all over my lids. Then I use Walk of Shame right by the lash line to make the eyes pop a little in a natural looking way.

11. CHANEL LE VOLUME MASCARA: My favorite mascara. It's so dark and I usually only need one coat because it's that good.

12. YSL LIPSTICK (NUDE BEIGE): I'm a huge fan of layering on my lipsticks, and this is no exception. This is the perfect base shade. When I'm in a hurry and just need to throw something on my lips, it's ALWAYS this shade.

13. NARS LIPSTICK (HONOLULU HONEY): I am obsessed with a good, matte lip. This shade mutes out the pinkness from my lips and layers so beautifully over the YSL shade.

14. SEPHORA GLOSS (CREME BRULEE): I top the lipsticks with this gloss, which is not sticky or nasty at all, and we're good to go! Depending on my mood, I sometimes skip this gloss but it really just depends on personal preference.

So there you have it! I hope this was helpful and if you guys want, I may put together a video to demonstrate everything better. Feel free to email me any questions and you can shop all the products I use below!


  1. You remind me of someone i know,someone as pretty as you, great photos, awesome review, Im a big fan of anastasia brow i could actually change my name to anastasia now haha xoxo BING.

  2. Great write up, you look gorgeous! Ive also been using the no makeup look for some time now. Thanks for the product links I just purchased the Elf Concealer. Oh Femina

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