Tuesday, September 29, 2015



Happy Tuesday! I hope you love this vlog(ish) video of my time out in NYC! It gives you little snippets of what I was up to and what everything looked like! My girl, NICOLE TRAVELLER, moved to the East Coast a few months ago and I had to see her (duh) and we decided to do another video together. (She also created my brand video which you can find HERE.) She is 50 kinds of talented and I love how our ideas just flow together so magically without much planning.

If you ever need videography she is, HANDS DOWN, your girl. Since she doesn't live in the city and we were only able to spend one day together, we decided to incorporate some footage I took too. I feel like you can totally tell the difference between her footage and mine, but Nicole definitely waived her wand and created some serious goodness out of it all!

You can find details for any of the outfits I'm wearing in the video HERE, HERE, and HERE.

As promised, today I'm also going to spill the beans on how to get invited to NYFW shows if you're a serious fashion blogger, or working in the fashion industry. I've gotten so many emails, comments, and messages on HOW on earth I was invited to shows and events so here it is.

1. GET IN WITH PR COMPANIES: A few weeks before fashion week, reach out to PR companies that you have contacts with and see if there is any availability to attend shows they're involved with. Offer media coverage through your social channels and blog (or whatever else you have access to), and cross your fingers that they will shoot over an invitation. If you don't know any PR folk, there's still hope. Go to designers' websites and find their media contact, or get extra creepy and stalk people on LinkedIn. Keep in mind that these PR peeps get countless emails from media to attend shows, so draft concise emails and don't be disheartened by the no's. It'll be worth it when you get the yes's.

2. NETWORK YOUR BUTT OFF: There's truth behind the saying "it's who you know, not what you know," especially in the fashion industry. If you're friends with the right people, you're golden. I was invited to many Plitz shows because a friend of mine interns with them. Work hard, be kind to everyone, follow up with people you meet at events, and I promise you, it'll pay off.

3. DON'T BE AFRAID TO TAKE RISKS: To be honest, I didn't plan to go out to NYC until a few days before getting on the plane. I am a planner through and through and rarely make quick or rash decisions without mulling over every detail. Jake, on the other hand, is on the other end of the spectrum. (Opposites attract, right?) So as soon as I started getting a few invites, he forced me to book my flight and go out there. Everything seems to be last minute in the fashion industry so I guess I fit right in, in that aspect. ;) I wish I had realized JUST how last minute everything is because I booked my return flight for the day after the last show I was invited to at the time, but continued to receive invites while I was in NYC. Sadly, I had to miss many amazing shows because I didn't plan to stay longer. Don't be afraid to take risks, book your flight, and head out there. Opportunities roll in at the least expected of times and you don't want to miss out on them because you were too busy being scared.

Hope these tips help you out and I look forward to hanging out with some of you at next season's NYFW! xoxo


  1. Obsessed with you. This video is everything!

  2. Replies
    1. Of course! Hope they help if you're interested in attending NYFW shows. :)

  3. Loved this post! Great ideas, great video :)

    Have a great day,

  4. i've always wanted to know how to get an invite!! i want to go next year!

    Sandy a la Mode

  5. I love video, so wonderful. What a great collaboration you both had. You look gorgeous in every of these looks which you chose to wear. Thank you for sharing tips.


  6. What I'd give to get invited to NYFW. It must have been an amazing experience, woah! I think this is such a great post, just in general on how to work as a blogger and to get to more places. Such a great post <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  7. You are an ANGEL!! Way too sweet to me. Love you, beautiful friend!!! <3 <3


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