Monday, August 3, 2015


dress: Forever 21 || shoes: Nordstrom || sunglasses: Topshop || eyeglass chain: Forever 21

Channeling all the things my inner 70's flower child dreams of for this look. I know I've never (hi, sarcasm) said this ever in the history of my blog, but this is truly one of my favorite looks ever. You may recognize THIS dress from my post on items from Forever 21 that look expensive but aren't. I wasn't sure I needed to add it to my wardrobe at the time, but after mulling it over, I took the plunge. 

Best. Decision. Ever. 

It is the perfect piece to transition into fall. It has the longer, billowy sleeves and that midi length that make the world go around, plus the embroidery and tassels are money you guys. I'm infatuated.

I have also been in to weird accessories recently. For instance, if you follow me on snapchat (username: jaysicles), you probably know about my obsession with visors right now. You guys. I think they are SO CHIC. Like so chic. Am I completely nuts? I want to sport one all over a tropical island. I have also been wanting an eyeglass chain for quite some time but wasn't positive I'd like them so I found a cheapy one from Forever 21 for 5 bucks and am so happy with it! It's subtle but I feel like it adds another layer of interest to my outfits. If you don't already have one, don't know if you like them, or didn't know about them, go find an inexpensive one, like THIS one, to test out!

Are any of you obsessed with weird things like me? ;) Hope you like this outfit! xoxo


  1. Loving the boho style.


    1. Aw thanks Liv! You're the sweetest ever! Hope you'll stop by again soon. :)

  2. Your dress is so pretty, I love it

  3. I LOVE this dress! I almost bought it when I ordered my other one and now I totally wish I had. You look gorgeous and what a fun photo spot.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. You totally should still get it! It's amazing! :)

  4. It is a beautiful dress, and those embroideries make the dress with high value. Love it!
    Your sunglasses is gorgeous! Your shoes is simple, comfortable, and very nice looking! Love them all!


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