Thursday, July 16, 2015


dress: Nordstrom || shoes: Vince (similar here & here) || purse: ZARA (similar here & here)

Ah, the desert.

So far these are a few of the things I've learned here in Arizona.

1. There are restaurants and shopping galore. Since there are so many options, restaurants are practically never busy except on the weekends.

2. I get upset in approximately 10 seconds after stepping outside an air conditioned room if it's over 100 degrees out.

3. Ellie (my little eight pound dog) is Princess Ellie out here. Real grass is the only thing she will go potty on. She won't even walk on fake grass, which is what the closest dog park to us has. Confusing, I know. Because what dog park puts in FAKE grass?? But apparently real grass has a hard time surviving the summers here. Oh, and she prefers ice cubes in your water now. (I know this is my fault. Freaking shoot me.)

4. There are a LOT of moms/ladies over 50 that have hotter bodies than me. Like it's kind of intimidating. Maybe it's just the area I live in, but still.

5. People are either really fast drivers or really slow drivers.

6. Prickly pear cactus is one of my favorite species of cacti.

7. My skin loves it here. I haven't really had a break out since moving here *knock on wood* which is pretty much a miracle. I do, however, slather that lotion and sunscreen on like a mad woman. I use SKINMEDICA sunscreen and it is amazing. I know it's a little pricier, but why skimp on your skin? I love how well makeup goes on over it and it's not oily like a lot of other sunscreen products.

8. There are TONS of bugs here. No joke it's like a grasshopper/beetle haven as soon as the sun goes down. They give me the creeps.

9. The clouds are dang cool. I'm no cloud connoisseur, but they are definitely bigger and fluffier than the norm out here. Sooo cool.

10. The people here are way more mellow here, which I love. What's not to to happy about when it's summer all year around, am I right?

I'll update you guys every so often. We're still trying to figure this place out. Wish us luck!

Oh and in the mean time, make sure you check out MY PICKS from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It's still only open to people with a Nordstrom card, but it opens up to the public tomorrow, July 17th! I tried on THESE boots the other day and fell magically in love. The website does not do them any justice. Trust me, they are wonderful. 

K loveyouguysbye!


  1. That looks incredible, I haven't been anywhere like that before haha! Your style is so on point

    you have a new follower x


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    1. You must come visit! I'll show you around. So excited to have you as a new follower! xoxo


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