Monday, June 1, 2015


shirt: Madewell || pants: H&M (similar here, love these super distressed jeans) || hat: Urban Outfitters (similar here) || shoes: Forever21 (similar here, love here) || purse: Banana Republic (similar here)

Photos by the amazing Rox B Photography

It was such a treat to have my friend, who happens to be an amazing photographer, in town. Rox from Rox B Photography is such a sweetheart and has such a cool editing style. She is starting up her clientele in Arizona so if you're in the area, make sure you check her out!

Anyways, I know I am late to this game but I have fallen madly in love with Madewell. I never really gave it much attention because a store was never that close to me and it's not the cheapest store out there. But here in Arizona, the shopping is unreal. There is a Madewell, Free People, Anthro, Planet Blue, J. Crew, H&M, Forever21, etcetcetc within 10 minutes of me and let me tell you, it is T R O U B L E! 

I have bought more things from those stores than I ever have before in the last month. I mean, how could I walk away from this mixed-grid shirt? It is perfection. At least when I'm online shopping, I can just close out and tell myself I don't need the items. But when I'm in the store, trying things on, it's like my mind goes to another place and I can't leave without purchasing it. Shopaholic? What? ;)

Happy Monday! A really amazing giveaway is happening here tomorrow. 

Hint: Starts with Taylor, ends with Swift.


  1. You look so pretty, I love this all white look

    1. Thanks Laura! I hope you'll visit again soon! xoxo

  2. you look ultra stylish and i just love your shoes!
    kelsey malie

  3. i LOVE that top!

    xx nikki


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