Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Do you ever get that itch to go shopping? That one that doesn't leave you alone until you buy something non-grocery related? Yeah, welcome to being a shopaholic. You're in good company. I, for one, have been feeling that itch for the last two weeks and the Shopbop Friends and Family sale, which goes from today through Thursday, is not really helping my cause. Who can say no to 25 percent off everything site wide? (Use code FAMILY25) Boys. That's who.

I'm 100 percent positive I need this Rifle Paper Co 2015 calendar. Like 100 percent. Which means there is 0 percent chance that I do not need this. Which means I'm getting it. Which means it's mine in three business days. Glad we settled that.

I tried to keep everything I chose under the reasonably-priced category, but some things I just couldn't resist. Exhibit A: these boots. I've loved over-the-knee boots for multiple seasons now, but these wedges are mega showstoppers. Someone please tell me I'm not crazy. Also, I'm going on a little Vegas trip with some of my best girls in a few weeks and I've been on the hunt for some pool attire. I absolutely love shopping for swimwear after summer ends because everything goes on mega sale. So if you have any warm weather trips planned, or just like to be ahead of the game, now's your chance to stock up. (Plus you can try them on periodically throughout the year to give you motivation to stay or get in shape!!)

Go to Shopbop to get your shop on! Oh hell, I'm corny.

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