Tuesday, January 9, 2018


 c/o dress || turtleneck || clutch || earrings || shoes

How to style a short-sleeve wrap dress in the winter:

Layer a long-sleeve turtleneck underneath it!

It has been raining like crazy since yesterday here in Santa Barbara, so I wanted to style this dress to accommodate chilly weather.

You can see the evidence of the rain on the floor in these photos. Oh the rain. What a blessing and a curse. I feel like our world is falling apart in front of my eyes. I've been up since 7 a.m. this morning and have heard rescue helicopters flying by since I woke up. I've probably heard them go by about 30-40 times now. There have been nasty mudslides, flooding, and debris flow in Montecito area. People were told to evacuate, but sadly, many underestimated the severity of the situation and didn't listen. So far, five people have been reported dead and who knows how many are injured or in critical condition.

My heart is so heavy. I wish I could feel less. Is that bad? Is that crazy selfish? Probably.


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  1. Crazy how much this state of ours is taking this year! Not even just California but everywhere, my goodness!
    About this look though, you totally nailed it! & that slicked back low pony completely brings it together!


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