Friday, December 15, 2017



I put together a quick little wish-list of items I've been eyeballing this holiday season. I was browsing Express the other day and was honestly shocked to find that they have SO many cute things right now. I haven't shopped there in like a decade but I think that's all about to change. Plus, everything is 50% off today! WHAT ON EARTH. YES PLEASE. SIGN ME UP. OK JOSÉ.

Anyways, I don't really need anything so this gift guide was hard to make since I usually like to get and give somewhat useful gifts. But for this guide I'm clearly very into combat/hiking boots, cozy sweater, fuzzy jackets, cute slippers, and chain bucket bags.

I hope you find something that you love but don't really need, because that's what this gift guide is all about! ;) I seriously want everything in my other gift guides too. You can check them out here & here. xoxo

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