Thursday, January 5, 2017


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Well it's been yet another year and quite frankly I'm not sure where the time has gone. I'll be honest, I'm reallllllly glad to see 2016 come to a close and super excited for 2017! 

We closed out the year in Utah. The place where Jake and I first met, and fell in love. The place where we decided we wanted to spend our eternities together. There's something about that beautifully underrated state that feels like home to us. Yet even still, I have never spent Christmas apart from my family until this year. My brother left weeks prior for a huge trip and was in Bali on Christmas, and my parents were in Taiwan. This left me feeling rather empty and alone during the holidays, even in a crowded room with people that I love. It was super rough to say the least. The homesickness came as a surprise, much like the beautiful blankets of white snow that carpeted the grounds on Christmas morning there. (Although the latter was far more welcomed by us than the first.) I found myself longing so deeply to hear my family members' voices and see their faces and because of the crazy time zone differences and being limited to Facetiming with each other, I wasn't able to connect with them as often as I'm used to. It was in these moments that some thoughts repeatedly popped into my mind. 

Moments are so fleeting. People don't live forever. Time waits for no one. 

So for this new year, I decided to make some meaningful goals that will hopefully form lasting habits. This year I'm committing to:

- live with intention
- write more meaningfully here
- travel to at least one country we've never been to
- regain my optimism
- learn to say no when I know I should
- master a few yummy recipes
- ignore comparisons
- speak in Chinese as much as possible
- reach out to old friends on a regular basis

I hope my goals inspire even one of you to better yourself this year. Here's to 2017! xoxo



  1. I love that you are creating habits! That is so important! I am trying to also live with more purpose and be more present! With my son, I want him to remember me taking time to play and be with him. Not remember me on my phone! xx

  2. So gorgeous girl! You are model status! Also were you freezing taking these??

  3. Okay I totally commented already haha but I don't think it went thrrough. Your style is so unique, which is a wonderful thing! I love it, and I love your own personal look. Habits are so hard to make stick! I wish you well on this journey and hope you succeed! And I agree with Jessica, you are model status!


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