Friday, September 2, 2016


There's something so magical about NYC. The energy is contagious. It's this sensation of being able to do anything and everything. During NYFW, that NYC air is extra yummy. The city is buzzing with excitement and fashion folk seems to reign the city. Since I'm most likely not going to attend this season, I decided to put together a splurge or save guide for how to dress like an "it" girl during fashion week. There are three separate looks for three separate occasions. One side of each look features the bougie high-end pieces, and the other side features the affordable version of the look. Can you tell which one is which?

To see product details, simply click on the plus sign (+) in the black box and it will direct you to the retailer's site. K, let's dive in.

To me, New York Fashion Week isn't just about the fashion shows and parties, it's about reconnecting with old friends and breathing in the city life. A comfortable street look is a necessity when you have some down time between shows and events to go out and explore. I have been loving the platform sneaker trend, especially since I'm petite. I'll take any extra height I can take!

At the shows, you'll want to wear stand out pieces that are on trend, especially if you want to get photographed by street photographers. One thing I learned last year was not to play it too safe. I chose a lot of simple pieces and got a little lost in the crowd. If you're a neutrals girl like me, branch out with bold textures and silhouettes so you'll still stand out. Another thing I decided on was that heels are over-rated. I'd much rather be able to feel my feet by the end of the week than wear sky-high heels. These mules are a stylish compromise and so "in" right now.

All-hail the platform shoe trend right now. Heels without sore feet. Yes please. This third and final look is a great option to wear to a party. While the shows are the main attraction, the parties are a great way to network. Plus, you'll usually walk away with a zillion free things.

Remember to wear what makes you feel good, and don't be afraid to try new things! Anddddd if you are one of those little fricks who can actually afford the splurge side of these looks, feel free to donate to my clothing fund. You clearly have too much money on your hands and I will happily help take some of that burden from you. Wink wink. Check out my post on how to get invited to New York Fashion Week here.


  1. Great suggestions!
    I used to attend Toronto Fashion Week, and I would choose more extravagant outfits to attend the shows.
    Xoxo, Victoria

  2. Great post!

    xoxo Sienna


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