Monday, May 16, 2016


Photography: Roxana B Photography

The best part about living in AZ (besides the donuts) is living about a five and a half hour drive away from my parents. We have been going back and forth a ton recently and I feel so grateful for a husband who does trek with me whenever I want, without even one little grumble out of his mouth. 

We made one such trip out to California to visit for Mother's Day last week. It just so happened to fall really close to our third wedding anniversary, which also lands on my dad's birthday and their anniversary as well! (Yup, we share an anniversary date with my parents and my dad's birthday.) So, we decided to celebrate our anniversary out in California and what better place to celebrate than the happiest place on earth!? Our inner five-year-old souls were in paradise. We shoveled food into our mouths, and skipped and screamed with joy like pre-pubescent younglings would have. 

It's odd to think that we've been married for THREE years already. I'm so hard on myself and feel like I have so much more to accomplish before I'm officially "old" but time seems to be slipping right through my fingers. Luckily I have the only person I could ever imagine by my side, figuring out this confusing and unpredictable thing called life and making me laugh uncontrollably along the way.

But on to my outfit! I've been all about frayed denim, platform wedges, and white crop tops this Spring! There's something so fresh and easy about this look that draws me to it again and again... and again. I brought this top and sandals with me on our trip, and you bet your bottom I wore one or both of those items on major repeat. Also, my clear glasses from Eyebuy Direct are life. They have the most amazing frames for the cheapest prices I've ever seen. Go get yourself a pair or three.

Hope you all have an amazing start to your week! I'll be posting a special post with Target later this week so make sure you check back for that! xoxo 

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  1. You are so beautiful! You are still so young! Have fun! I love living in California and Disneyland.


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