Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Summer dresses are serious business to me. And they probably should be for you too. But let's be real. They can add up super quick. Quality dresses usually = $$$$. Which is why I took the hard work out of it for you lovelies and searched high and low for reasonably priced dresses that make my eyes turn into literal hearts.

Besides looks, quality, and price, I also value versatility in my clothing. It's super important for me to be able to go casual with my dresses as well as fancy-shmancy. Every single one of these can do this which makes me pumped for life. Plus they are all under $100 which makes me doubly pumped for life.

Oh! And guess what!? The Anthro dress I'm wearing HERE? Yeah... it's on sale right now. Swoop on that (HERE) before they sell out. To be honest, I'm kinda jealous that it went on sale right after I bought it. And I only found out when Anthro reposted my photo on their insta the other day. I was like wait... I get my dress for free now right? Jay kay.

But really, I lovelovelove summery dresses and am so glad I get to wear them pretty much year round now! #AZperks

It's so hard to choose my favorites this time but I'm leaning toward this one, this one, this one, and this one (jumpsuits can totally be considered "dresses" right? Plus the color. Couldn't pass it up.)!

So now it's your turn. Which one is your favorite? xoxo


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