Wednesday, October 29, 2014


dress: ASOS || sweater: Forever21 (similar here) || boots: Charles David (similar here)

Sometimes, right before the sun sets, I catch a glimmer of the most beautiful light hitting against a wall, a mountain, a lake. It catches my breath and for just a moment, I stop everything I'm doing and just stare in awe. And let me tell you, it's quite the sight to see. 

It's times like these that I choose to reflect on all the beauty in this world. The other day, I was having such a hard time understanding why certain things have to happen to certain people. In particular, good people. I witnessed these individual's good, redeeming qualities and thought their trials to be uncalled for. It took me a while to remember that trials are given to people as a means of growth. We are not given any trials we cannot handle, and although they may seem unbearable in the moment, there is always that glimmer of beautiful sunlight that hits us just so. And in that stunning light, we feel warmth.


  1. Stunning photos! I love your braids and you look here!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. pretty braid with the high ponytail!

    1. Thanks Paige!! Hope you stop by my blog again soon. xoxo

  3. your hair is so cute! love those boots!
    ladies in navy

  4. So cute!! Be sure to check out our blog :)


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