Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Good morning!

I know I said in this post that I would post my Halloween ideas, but then I didn't. I fail, I know. But better late than never!

All of us (hopefully) love to dress up for Halloween, but none of us like to spend money on costumes. You wear them one day out of the year and then have these weird articles of clothing and accessories that never see the light of day unless you have to dress up as a Disney character for your niece's 4th birthday party. We've all been there. We want to look cute but it's so dang annoying to spend all that cash for one stinking day! So this is my proposal to you. What if we bought things that we could incorporate into our attire on any random, old day of the year!? YES. A THOUSAND YESES.

Below is part one of my Halloween costume ideas that you can wear any day of the year. Enjoy, be inspired, and prepare for part two.

[Click on the black square with the plus sign next to each image or on the items in the scrollbar at the end of the post to see full product details.]

This costume is for the nature lover. It's pretty much a hippie meets fairy and you will undoubtedly be able to wear all of these items whenever your heart desires. I envision ivy draped and pinned around the dress for additional drama. Also if you do not want to purchase a floral crown and are feeling crafty, opt for this easy + fresh floral crown option brought to you by Amber of Amber Reverie and I!

This outfit is kind of my jam. Put your hair in some classic Wednesday braids with a middle part, throw on some dark lipstick, and boombam. Done.

So many amazing pieces in one outfit/costume? How can you resist. Have the midi dress inside the white coat with the fur scarf on top. Add the red gloves and a pair of red pumps and you're set. You'll be the classiest villain around in this look. Muahahahaha. ;)

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