Friday, September 12, 2014


Today I'm talking about my favorite fall beauty essentials. With the weather changing, it can have some rather harsh effects on skin. It's so important to take care of your skin and my mom instilled that in me from a young age. Sadly, after moving out for college and staying up really late every night, I fell into bad skin care habits. Since getting married, I've been really focusing on my skin care routine because let's be honest, anyone in their twenties should be taking extra time on their skin. Winkles, circles, dryness, and dark spots? No bueno. So let's get to it.

1. Deborah Lippmann Nail Laquer: Emerald nails are what fall is all about and I especially love this sparkly shade.

2. Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 15 pc Brush Set: Aren't those purple bristles so perfect?? And then of course the gold. Holy swoon. I've heard great things about these brushes. 15 great quality, soft brushes for $40.00? Sold.

3. Anastasia Beauty Express: I use this to fill in my brows and wouldn't trade it for anything. I combine this set with the brow whiz to create perfect eyebrows. It's honestly changed my entire makeup routine for the better. Plus what's fall without a good, bold brow?

4. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter: This is the MOST gorgeous highlighter ever. It's so creamy and the color is perfect. I lovelovelove it for my cheek bones, under my brows, and anywhere else you want a little more sparkle.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Face Sculpt & Highlight: I've been dying to try this product out. I've heard SO much about this and it's supposedly one of the best contour and highlight products. Can't wait to get my hands on this and Kim Karshardian the shiz out of my face. ;)

6. Estee Lauder Take It Away: My favorite makeup remover for the quickest total makeup remover of all time. I dare you to try it and not love it. Even the toughest makeup comes off so easily. It's insane.

7. Beauty Blender: Want the smoothest, most perfect application of your foundation? Beauty blender it up. 'Nuff said.

8. Bite Beauty Lip Mask: I get crazy dry lips here in Utah and have the awful habit of lip biting. Ironically, this bite beauty lip mask hydrates your lips in just one use. Put it on at night and when you wake up... boom bam... soft, healthy lips.

9. Dior Liquid Eyeliner: Love this liner more than words. Creates the most sultry/crisp cat-eye.

10. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair: I use these products every night to keep my skin looking youthful. I frequently get asked if I'm anywhere between the ages of 15-20. Not even joking. I feel like I don't look THAT young but hey... I guess when I'm 40 I'll be thankful for my baby face. ;)

11. Naked Basics Palette: Everyone knows how making the Naked palettes are but this basics palette is probably my favorite. I love the smokey eye I get from these shades. It's not crazy intense but just enough to make people look. It's seriously my favorite eye shadow. (Did you know the new Naked2 Basics just came out? It has cooler tones which I'm sure are gorgeous.)

12. YSL Lipstick: Fall 2014 lipsticks don't have to be darker shades. In fact, this year neon lips are all the rage and this #14 orange/coral shade is perfection. I kid you not, I am in love. If you haven't worn YSL's lipsticks you are doing yourself a serious disservice. They are the creamiest, yummiest, longest lasting babies ever.

That completes my beauty essentials for fall! Let me know if you have any others not on this list. Have a beautiful weekend! xoxo


  1. Oh I love a good makeup post! I haven't even SEEN the Bite Beauty Lip Mask, but now I must give it a try. I get really dry lips in the winter and this could definitely be a lifesaver. I also needed a good contour kit so the Charlotte Tilbury one might be the winner!

    XO, Jaime


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