Monday, August 11, 2014


t-shirt: Style Lately c/o || maxi dress: H&M (similar here, LOVE this similar version) || shoes: Aquatalia  (just just ordered THESE and can't wait to style them!) || purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs

My husband asked me if I'm addicted to drugs when I got this shirt. Because I guess when you have a swim suit AND a t-shirt that says "DOPE" on them, that makes you a drug addict.... whatevs. Maybe I am.

Kidding. Hi, I'm not. Promise. That path was never enticing to me and I honestly don't even know which drug dope is. I just really love this t-shirt ok?! ;) If you love it too, my readers get a special 15% off when you use the code LOVESTYLELATELY. 

I'm off to San Francisco this morning and get to meet up with two of my very best friends. I can't wait to explore this city, even if it's just for a quick work trip. Follow me on Instagram to stay up with my trip! xx

P.S. Happy birthday mom! I sure love you. You've made me the woman I am today.
P.P.S. If you guys want to vote for me to go to New York Fashion Week, please take two seconds to do so by clicking HERE! A million thanks from the bottom of my heart. :)


  1. I love this outfit! It's so casual and amazing!
    I nominated you for the liebster award! Head to my blog to see the questions I've come up with for you!


  2. have so much fun in SF! can't wait to see you on wed! :)

    Sandy a la Mode


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