Monday, June 23, 2014


The majority of these photos are from the Midsummer Mingle hosted by some super creative people, like this lovely lady. It was probably the most beautiful party I have ever attended/ ever will attend. I walked in to the most stunning backyard and just gawked for a few minutes. The backyard was more like a fairyland filled with ivy covered walls, hidden stone pathways, and lush greenery. It was decked out in all the best ways and the swag bags had some serious goodies in them. 

I dream of the day when I can host a party that even remotely rivals this one. Until then... happy Monday people! I'm off to a reward Style summer school sesh in Salt Lake tonight. :)


  1. I love your flower crown!


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  3. The image below the swimming pool is damn to awe-struck. And, i'm pretty sure that you'd love click them with the new iPhone 6. guy's info is yelling about the iPhone 6 specs.


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