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When I went to Amber of Amber Reverie and asked her to teach me how to make fruity, floral crowns, I knew she would show me how to make something absolutely stunning. (The girl never fails me! If you need a florist or event planner, your search is over.) These crowns are the perfect accessory for summer picnics or casual, backyard dinner parties. Check out the step by step tutorial with lots of useful tips that Amber put together! 


·         Beautiful flowers and fruit
·         Sharp knife or floral scissors
·         Wrapped wire shaped to fit around your head
·         Floral straight wire
·         Wire cutters
·         Floral tape

Step 1. Pick out your ingredients that look good together. With this style, I like to use one big focal flower, 2-3 smaller, supporting flowers, flowers or foliage with some length to reach around the crown a bit, and maybe a fun accent, like fruit.

Tip: Use fruit that is small and more solid or under-ripe. We used blackberries because they’re pretty, but I wouldn’t recommend it for real life. They don’t like to stay on the crown and turn into a juicy mess.

Step 2. Prepare each flower and fruit to be attached to the crown.  Cut flowers down so only about ½ inch of the stem remains. Stick the straight wire through the top of the stem from one side to the other. Pull the wire through until the flower is in the center then fold the wire in half. Do the same with the fruit but make sure you have the wire far enough inside that it won’t pull out.

Step 3. Wrap the two sides of the wire with floral tape to create a new stem and be sure to cover the ends of the wire so you don’t have sharp ends poking your head. For flowers, wrap the little bit of stem as well to keep the wire stem straight with the flower’s head. Once you’ve done this with all the pieces, wrap the wire of each element to the crown, starting at one end and working your way to the other. Make sure everything radiates out from your focal flower to avoid showing the ends of your wires.

Step 4. Prepare for compliments at your summer celebrations!

"Strawberry Sorbet" Crown Ingredients:
·         Juliet Garden Rose
·         Strawberry blossoms and leaves
·         Strawberries
·         Sweet Pea

"Summer Citrus" Crown Ingredients:
·         Coral Charm Peony
·         Salmon Ranunculus
·         Key Limes
·         Kumquats
·         Orange garden flowers

"Rosemary Romance" Crown Ingredients:
·         Light Pink Dahlia
·         Mixed ranunculus
·         Blackberries
·         Rosemary

burnt orange and green dresses: ASOS

beautiful photos by the one and only Melissa Leavitt Photography


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    1. DO IT! You won't regret it! Promise. :) xx

  2. So fun to have fruit in the flower crowns, I've never seen that before. I think the strawberries look great, but is it messy?

    Also, just the arrangement in the jar at the beginning of the post is to die for in my opinion!

    <3 Daryl
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    1. Right? I love the way these turned out. The only ones that are messy are the blackberries. We recommend using fruits that are not ripe yet to avoid juices getting everywhere. Hope that helps! :)

  3. I love these! Thanks for sharing!!!


    1. Of course! It was so fun to create! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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    1. Yay! So happy you like it babe!! xx


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