Tuesday, March 18, 2014


cover-up dress: Swell c/o || sunglasses (old): similar here and here || gold flip flops: similar+comfort driven versions here and here (I'm usually so against flip flops but I've had these forever and can't seem to give them up!)

Well we're back from Zion! It was a blast but I always feel guilty spending a ton of money all of once. I just have to remember that traveling is one of those things that is worth it. (At least in my opinion.) But it doesn't make it any easier forking over the $$$$. 

After a day by the pool, I quickly threw on this dress from Swell as a cover-up over one of my favorite bathing suits. (Original swimsuit that I am wearing found here... BUT WAY CHEAPER ONE FOUND HERE AND IT MAKES ME SO LIVID! haha but really.) When I saw this dress on Swell's site, I fell head over heels for the bell sleeves. They're so light and airy = perfect for a cover-up. Swell has thee best surf and swim attire. It makes me so giddy for summer! (Can we talk about the perfection that is this bikini top?)

I can't wait to wear this cover-up more as the days grow warmer and pool days become more frequent. It'll be so perfect with a wide-brimmed hat like this one or this one!

P.S. Do you guys think it's time for be to chop my hair again? I just can't decide if I really want to grow it back out or keep it this length for a bit longer!! Help meeeee!!!


  1. I love the back of that dress!

  2. This dress looks so beautiful on you!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  3. That dress is fantastic! For your hair, go for a trim and then you'll know exactly what you want to do!

    1. That's what I did when I went in last time and ended up chopping off 12 inches!! :)

  4. What a gorgeous dress!

    1. Thanks Jenessa! It's super comfy too!! :)

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