Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Anthro Mega Sale Finds

Anthro's sale section is the best I've seen in a while. I probably shouldn't be sharing this because I want everything for myself, but since I love you guys... ;). There are just so many freaking cute things! The only annoying thing is their sale items go faster than diarrhea on a stomach full of Indian so you either have to stalk their site and snatch up items the second you see them, or be stuck with the too big/too small scenario. So unless you're the 1% with size 5.5 feet, you probably won't be a proud owner of the most adorable flats in the world. I'm tempted to cut off an inch of my foot just so I can squeeze into those babies.  

I've compiled a huge list of my favorites below. Let me know if you guys are able to snag something! I may or may not have scooped up a few things for myself. Happy shopping! 


  1. ahhhh I love those Alli Hidden Wedges. So cute!

    xx Laur

  2. kindred spirits!
    i totally agree about anthro's sale! i actually made 2 online purchases in 2 days! they keep adding new things! the only downside to that website is they don't offer free shipping unless there's a promo code!! kills me everytime! great picks!

    1. ugh!! I know! you would think with they could afford to give us free shipping on $50 or more at least!!!

  3. yess anthro sales are the best kind of sales!


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