Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Happens

sweater: GAP (old) || pants: Vince via Nordstrom || boots: Nordstrom (similar here) || scarf: Nordstrom (this one is cute) ||sunglasses: Betsey Johnson
Dying to have thigh highs right now. Tried these on yesterday and fell madly and wildly in love. They make your legs look way skinnier! It was the best. Don't judge me if I end up owning them. 
Cheaper version here.

Fall happens much like love. You know it'll happen eventually but when it finally does, it always manages to steal your breath away. There's something about that cool, crisp air and those falling leaves that makes you stop and stare in complete wonderment.

Today I'm feeling extra lucky to live in this beauty-filled world with so many amazing people who support and love me along the way. Now don't get me wrong, I have those days where I just want to crawl into the fetal position and stay in bed until kingdom come. The kind of days where you seem to falter a little and wonder what life has in store for you. But today... today isn't one of those days. :)

Have a lovely Thursday night, my dears.


  1. You are too cute my friend. I love this sentiment. When are you coming over??!

  2. I love these! You're gorgeous my friend!

  3. beautiful pictures! :):)

  4. You look amazing and those autumn trees and mountains are stunning. Lovely photos and look! Happy Fall!

    -Bree @ aBree Fashion

  5. that backdrop is incredible
    looking gorgeous yourself love the green x


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