Friday, May 31, 2013

Honeymoon Part 2

Here are some more photos from our time in Maui. Hope you enjoy them!

I have a serious case of the travel-bug inside me right now and just want to go and see all the beautiful pockets of the world. I've traveled more than most of you know but I've mainly gone places with my family. No matter where you travel, the experience is so different depending on who you are traveling with. I cannot wait to travel the world with my Jacob and feel the magic of different cultures surround us.

Happy Friday. Love all you cute, little seahorses so much!

If you ever go to Maui, Ululan's Shaved Ice is the ONLY way to go. So depressed we were only able to go twice.
You can add macadamia nut, coconut, or vanilla ice cream at the bottom. Macadamia nut. Holy hell. Eat it.
The most tan picture I've ever seen of myself. It needed to be shared.
The beautiful hike to Twin Falls along the road to Hana. We so wish we had gone further along the road to Hana instead of turning around and coming home. Next time :)
I was wearing pants because I already had 3 large mosquito bites on my legs and was seriously freaking out that I'd get about 12 more.
One of the waterfalls! So beautiful.
Coconuts. We drink them.
Nom. So nomz.
Gelato in Maui because I realllllly wanted dole whip but couldn't find it anywhere. </3
Grossest pic of me. But you can see the dangle-guy in my throat so I had to post it.

And that was our honeymoon.
And I'll cheers to that!


  1. Such fun photos Jess - you guys look so happy together, it's so sweet..!

    P.S. That gelati looks AMAZING!


    1. thanks doll! we are the happiest together, as I'm sure you and your husband are together. <3

  2. awww great pictures!!! I loveee it, looks like you guys had a great time!!! Love your blog!!! xoxo A friend from Puerto Rico Taryn

    1. thanks taryn! it really was just the best time. :) xoxo

  3. Ohhhmygoshhh. Your photos are beautiful!! So glad I found your blog, I'm in love! :)

    1. yay! so happy you found me too! thanks for the sweet comment girl!! xo

  4. It looks like you've had a lot of fun! Nice pics! :)

    1. soooooooo much fun!! i want to go back! :)

  5. You two are a great couple, I wish a happy married life!

    Xoxo, Victoria


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