Friday, April 19, 2013

Showering Amber

Remember from this post how I had a little memory card mishap? Well prayers do come true people because my friend Amber and her husband were able to recover the pictures from her baby shower! Yayzers!

Below are some pics from her equestrian themed shower filled with yummy treats and happy hearts.

I can't wait to meet Amber's sweet little man in just a few more months! He's going to be a complete and total heartbreaker. :)

Delicious veggie salad cups made by the beautiful Ashley.
Two yummy cakes and mini cupcakes provided by The Chocolate. (yumyumyum but horrific service)
Gold-sprayed horses to tie around the goodie bags.
So many cutie gifts!
Different kinds of yummy sandwiches made my Ashleysmashley

Hope you felt showered with all kinds of love Ambie!


  1. Ahhh yay!!! I did feel so loved. Thank you thank you! Would you mind sending me the edited pics? :) Love you!

  2. What a cute idea, equestrian theme!!! Cute pictures :)


  3. this is super sweet - it's a really beautiful thing to gather around with good friends at a bridal shower filled with love and joy.
    thanks for the love hon, I'm following you now :)

  4. seems like you have a great day :D
    i just found your blog and love it
    i followed you anyway, mind to follow me back ? :D
    come and see my blog


  5. Really love it, Hope it was nice but like I see was it really amazing! Shall we follow? let me know XSE

  6. you are just the cutest!
    consider me your newest follower! :)

  7. Oh this looks so fun! Everyone looks wonderful.

  8. Hey Jess, I found you through Sasha. What a fun blog and great design... excited to be a new follower! :)

  9. Equestrian themed, so cute! I absolutely love the little horses atop the cupcakes. Your friend Amber makes a beautiful mom - such big smiles!

  10. I was scrolling through these pics and I thought...wait a minute...I know those girls (Brenna and Ashley)! And then I remembered I met you at Ashley's wedding reception. We sat at the same table! So fun meeting other bloggers.

    I'm following now :)

    xo, Jessica

  11. I love the idea of veggie cups! This is such a cute shower. I have a shower to throw soon and this gave me a lot of great ideas! I am so glad I came across your blog! I am definitely going to be following you on bloglovin! xx. McKenna Lou


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