Wednesday, March 13, 2013

White As Snow

I hithertoforth commit to getting a tan before my wedding.
I mean right???
How white am I? Granted this was the first time I've worn something without tights since last summer so I couldn't possibly have known as positively white as snow I am... Like my rationale?

I've always been fairly fair (see what I did there?) but this just kind of brings everything to another level for me. If you guys have recommendations for getting purty tans, please share! Clearly I am in need of assistance. ;)

top + skirt: Soel // belt: JMR // shoes: Nordstrom // necklace: INPINK
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  1. so funny i just thought the same thing when i did a shoot for some looks today i was telling my sister i am literally a ghost im so white! hey, at least we wont be getting skin cancer right? it doesnt take away from your beauty and the greatness of this look though! loving the multi colored stripes paired with the patchy denim the belt and necklace really bring it all together, perfect! xo

  2. so cute.

    to get tan before my wedding... yeah I didn't do that. i just got tan on my honey moon. That is what bronzer is for!

  3. So pretty!

    xx MJ

  4. What a great photography and a pretty girl! Following you!


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