Friday, October 5, 2012

Hiking Times

I live in a state where seasons are real and the land is particularly beautiful. The fiance and I became hikers the other day with my sweet Krystal. It was definitely an adventure and I learned that Krystal has become quite the mountain woman since our time together as roommates just a year ago. She munched on shelled walnuts with her nut-cracker in hand (literally) and ran through the forests like it was her job. All the while, I clung on to trees and rocks or anything I could grasp. For most people, this might not have been the most intense hike ever, but for me it was. Leave me alone.

I struggled big time. There were times when my Jakerz had to carry me to safety but alas, I made it. Praise to the heavens above.

Anyways, I realized today that Krystal and I did not get a single picture together! The travesty! I was far too busy trying to stay alive. But fear not, you guys will get to gaze upon this babe of a girl in no time at all. Krystal and her husband Tyler just moved back from Hawaii a few weeks ago so you will be hearing/seeing a lot of them in the future.

Below are some pictures stolen from Krystal. She has her own photography business. In the pictures below, Krys was just snapping pictures for fun so just imagine what she produces when she is actually on the job. If anyone is looking for a PHENOMENAL and REASONABLY PRICED photographer, do not hesitate to contact her nownownow. Seriously people, she is awesome at what she does and has a unique artistic eye. Here is a link to some of her most recent work and it is to.die.for. Check it out here.

Hope you enjoy the pics and have a fun-time weekend!

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    1. thanks for stopping by haley! i will check out your link.

  2. looks like you had a great time!:)
    xx Kate

  3. I love this post!! :)

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