Monday, January 30, 2012

Neon is a Necessity


Boyface comes over to take me out. I slap on my neon gear and get ready to dominate at some cosmic bowling. *Side note: I haven't actually gone bowling since this one awkward date sitch my freshmen year of college. And before that, who even knows when I went last.* We get there and "Fat Cats" (The person who named that bowling alley is a huge winner.) was blasting Katy Perry and my girl Brit. Too good to be true right? 

Commence bowling.

Discovery #1! Boy sucks at bowling. 
Discovery #2! I suck even more. I literally got zero after zero (if that's what it's even called). It was the worst kind of fun but I refused to give up. Anyone that knows me knows that I am the most competitive/ biggest sore loser when it comes to stuff like this. I legitimately get mad when I do not win and will try and frame you for cheating somehow. Or just start throwing punches. Or in this case, start spewing out cuss words. (Lo siento. Please love me still.) On top of it all, I broke both of my freshly manicured thumb-nails. Sad little seahorse I was. My only salvation was the neapolitan shake and fries combo that boyf treated me to after the game. (Also, did you know you can make pretty little designs with ketchup in water? See below.)

Long story short, bowling is fun and I'm going to build a bowling alley in my house one day. 

The end. K bye.

                                                                                            similar shirt: element, similar pants: forever 21


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